Whole-day menus every day for your Un-Diet.

Loose weight in 3 steps:

  1. Choose a group depending on what day you start your diet
  2. Follow our recipes for a chosen group every day on our site
  3. Loose weight in a healthy way by following our recipes for given groups.

Recipes will change in the chosen group every day for your protein day, starch day, carbon-hydrate day and fruit day.


We recommend starting the UN-Diet with the protein day. So if you are starting the diet today, follow the everyday recipes from the Group 4 , where today's day is the protein day.

If you are starting the diet tomorrow, everyday, starting from tomorrow, follow the recipes from the Group 3 where tomorrow's day is the protein day.


We advise that you have a water day every 29th day of the diet. A water day implies that on that day you should not eat or drink anything except for water.

If you choose to proceed with the water day, you must change your group the following day according to the list below:

  1. Group 1 changes to group 4
  2. Group 2 changes to group 1
  3. Group 3 changes to group 2
  4. Group 4 changes to group 3

About the undiet

The healthiest way to loose kilograms

The undiet is a diet that helps you loose weight without starving yourself, in other words it should make you feel as if you are not actually on a diet.

The UnDiet depends on the principle of combining different ingredients. Food is split into 4 primary groups depending on their nutritional value: proteins, starch, carbon-hydrates, vitamins. With that there are 4 different types of the diet divided in days depending on the combination od ingredients every individual day. During a period of 90 days, a series of four types is always repeated.

This type of diet doesn't only help you continuously and healthily loose unwanted kilograms, but also to enjoy better health – better digestion, with more energy and vitality. Upon finishing the diet, your metabolism will improve, allowing you to easily keep your new weight under control.

Pay attention: the names od the days in the UnDiet by no means suggest that you should just eat proteins, starch, carbon-hydrates or vitamins that day. The days are named after the components of the ingredients consisted in the main meals that day, but vegetables and fruit in all forms are unavoidable.

Once a month, the 29th, 58th and 87th day of the diet, it is advised to consume only water.

The diet is well balanced and varied, because of that your body will receive all the nutrients it needs in that three-month period. No type of ingredients are forbidden but some are not advisable. You may eat anything you want including pies, cake, ice-cream, pizza and chocolate.

You should take into consideration the recommendations of the World Health Organization about the reduction of salt, fat, sugar and other supplements.

The order of the days are not allowed to change! The diet must always start with a protein day!

The diet must not be extended more than 90 days; Only after a break of 3 months one can start 90 day diet again!

Important information

Some diets for loosing weight can be very harmful for the human organism.

It is not advised to be on any diets without a consultation beforehand with a doctor. We are giving our suggestions for a diet with our best intentions therefor we are not responsible for any failure of the same, its potential harm to health as well as other consequences the diet may have, so the implementation of this diet is undertaken at your own risk.

The content is intended only for general information and cannot be treated as a replacement for medical or expert advice. Every text as well as all the information provided are just optional recommendations. Use them at your own risk.

Neither the UnDiet nor the authors of the texts take any responsibility for the proposal given in the texts. The opinions expressed are personal and the UN diet and the author of the article do not take any responsibility for the same.

For every question, proposal or information from the text first consult an expert or a doctor.